Bill Roadmap

Author: Adrian Perez <>


Provides an overview on the future of Bill.


Planned releases

Release early, release often.

—Eric S. Raymond

The following table summarizes what is planned for next releases, which will be done every two months. It is not a matter of truth: priority of things included in Bill releases may change, depending on where the community decides to focus, but it is good to have at least an initial plan.

Release Date Features
0.1 11/2008 Module system
Base standard library
Tools for unit testing, script deployment and documentation
Billets container
Billets API specification
0.2 01/2009 Christmas present
Speed-ups in C for speed critical code (data/hash, builtins, and text/string look like they are good candidates).
0.3 03/2009 Use C speedups in standard library
Administration tools for Billets, to help with enabling, disabling, deploying, removing billets, etc.
0.4 05/2009 Localization / gettext support
Safe [1] template engine
0.5 07/2009 Maintenance release, mostly bug fixes and code clean-ups
[1]Here “safe” means that it does not allow arbitrary execution of user code.