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C1 Server

€2.99 /month

€0.006 /hr

€3.59 /month

€0.0072 /hr

4 Dedicated ARM Cores
2GB Memory
50GB SSD Disk
1 Reserved public IPv4
200Mbit/s Unmetered bandwidth
€1 /month €0.002 /hr €1.2 /month €0.0024 /hr  per additional 50GB of SSD

Our prices are VAT exclusive. Display with french VAT.

Prices are french VAT inclusive. Display without french VAT.

BareMetal SSD servers with included cloud features

Backed by our amazing 24x7 customer service



99.9% SLA


Reserved IPs

Security groups


Need more services?

Business service
and 99.95% SLA

Starting at €49 per month

With the business service level you get a 99.95% SLA,
2 hours response time guarantee, 24x7 phone support and
a dedicated account manager reachable through email and phone.

The business support costs €49 up to €490 of monthly invoice
and 10% of your invoice afterwards.

Premium bandwidth
with full DDoS protection

€0.02 per GB

Choose the premium bandwidth to enjoy an unrestricted
1000Mbit/s premium bandwidth with full advanced DDoS protection.
Don't be exposed, protect your business!
It's the guarantee to be totally safe

The premium bandwidth is only €0.02 per GB.

Try the mission critical support

Business service with a 99.99% SLA, 30 minutes response time guarantee and more. Starting at €499.

Billing FAQ

How am I billed for Scaleway services?

All our cloud resources are billed per hour with a monthly capping. The support level is billed per month.

How much does a C1 server cost?

Running a C1 costs €0.006 per hour and no more than €2.99 per month. If you start your server for an hour test, you will pay only €0.006.

How do I take advantage of the monthly billing?

Each resource is billed per hour up to its monthly cap. The monthly cost of a resource is calculated by running the hourly rate for 500 hours. If a resource is used during more than 500 continuous hours in the month, the rest of the month is free.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, CB and American Express.

Am I charged when I enter my credit card?

No. when you input your card number, we perform an authorization charge of €2 to ensure the card is valid.This is just a preauthorization: nothing is charged.

When do you charge my credit card?

We charge your credit card during the first week of each month.

Am I billed when my server is powered off?

Your server will not be billed, however your volumes and reserved IP will be billed (€0.002/hr per IP). Remember that all resources are billed separately.

Am I billed when I create a snapshots?

Each snapshot is billed €0.50 per creation and €0.002 per 50GB/h up to 500 continuous hours.

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