The following measurements were performed on a Zodiac RDU2 board, based on i.MX6 QuadPlus SoC. The Web engines tested run on Weston and the underlying graphics driver is Etnaviv.

The Web engines tested are:

The benchmarks used are JetStream 1.1, Speedometer and MotionMark, from the BrowserBench project.

Memory measurements are in MiB. CPU measurements are in percentage. The time axis displays minutes:seconds. Individual measurements can be toggled on and off on the right hand side of the graph by clicking on the colored legend rectangles. The graph can be zoomed by selecting an area in the gray rectangle on the bottom of the graph.

There is no Speedometer measurement for QtWebKit because the web engine crashes when running it.


Graph design inspired from DStruths’s d3.js Multi-series line chart interactive graph.