Module Index


This is a full listing of all the modules in the Bill standard library along with a one-line summary of them and links to their API reference.

Module Categories


This category contains Bill's internal functions and support code. In general new modules should not be added here, unless the functionality they provide is directly related to the library and is not directly reusable in third-party code. Note that the bill/builtins module is always available, so it does not need to be imported by the user.

Module Summary
bill/builtins Provides functions of common usage in shell code.


This category contains modules related to data structures and manipulation.

Module Summary
data/hash Efficient dictionary-like structures i.e. a hash table.
data/map Provides a dictionary-like data structure for use in shell code.
data/random Helpful functions for random data generation.
data/time Provides functions for dealing with date and time values.


Modules in this category allow for controlling both physical (hardware) devices and logical ones (like terminal consoles.)

Module Summary
dev/tty Handles settings of standard Unix terminal console devices.


Modules used to interface with external software, or which provide an API to use third-party applications from shell code.

Module Summary
ext/twiki Functions for performing operations on TWiki instances.


Supports handling of filesystem entities in different ways.

Module Summary
fs/spool Provides mechanism for having a directory with spooled items.


Modules for text manipulation and parsing of text-based data formats.

Module Summary
text/bte Inert template engine for use in shell code.
text/config Parse configuration files in key-value pairs and INI-style.
text/log Logging module for use in Bill shell scripts.
text/mime Provides tools for handling MIME-encoded data.
text/string Provides common functions used to manipulate text strings.
text/template Miminalistic template engine to be used from shell scripts.


User interface: those modules provide means of interacting with users.

Module Summary
ui/cli User interaction using a command, line-oriented interface.


Here you will find utilities to be used when developing web applications. If you need a simple template engine make sure to take a look at the text/template module.

Module Summary
www/billet Provides support functions for implementing Billets.
www/billetd Billet container implementation.
www/form Handles input in the formats provided by HTML forms.
www/http Provides a not-so-basic standalone web server.